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Basic Dog Training Through Rewarding and Discipline

The whole basis of basic dog training is through the use of rewards and discipline. The simple fact of the matter is that dogs are not born with the idea of discipline in their minds. They really do not know that they may be accountable for wrongful actions during basic dog training or any part of their lives.
This is why it is very important that those beginning basic dog training understand that dogs need to be both rewarded and disciplined regularly in order to modify the dog’s behavior enough in order to instill proper behavioral habits in the dog.
The best way to develop proper behaviors in dogs is through the techniques using rewards and discipline.
The main focus here will be on rewards.
Rewarding your dog can provide you with amazing results in contrast to simply disciplining your dog over and over during basic dog training for not doing things correctly.
Be sure to provide your dog with plenty of treats and even new toys here and there whenever they listen to your commands and do what they are told.
Basic dog training can not only be quite a rewarding experience for the dog, but also for you or the owner. Proper basic dog training can really help build a healthy relationship between you and your dog.
Rewarding your dog often for jobs well done will only make it want to do it that much more and will listen to more of your commands as you apply more basic dog training to your dog.
Always try to avoid over-using discipline towards your dog during dog training as this can and will affect them in a negative manner in the long run.
Discipline should be used only to let the dog know that what they are doing is bad or wrong.
When disciplining your dog, be sure to not strike too much fear inside their heads as this may cause more internal or mental problems later on as the best way they will learn is through their own excitement to learn and earn those rewards!
One thing to note about discipline is that discipline and animal cruelty are two different things.
The point of discipline, again, is not to scare your dog or even hurt them. Discipline is the way they learn what they should not do…if they want to keep earning rewards.
Hitting your dog or leaving it outside in the middle of winter just to “teach it a lesson” is absolute cruelty and for those who do practice these types of methods of dog “training”, there will only be loss and misery on both sides as neither will accomplish anything.
The thing is that the dog has it a lot worse because they really don’t understand why they are being punished so badly.
Dogs are smart animals and basic dog training with these animals can be very rewarding when simply disciplinary actions such as using the word “bad” or “no” and then not giving it any attention will get the point across to them rather than swatting them with an object.
During basic dog training, be sure to do plenty of research on more basic dog training tips and tools in order to develop a healthy, happy, smart and loving dog. The rewards will continue to flourish.

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